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The Student Voter Initiative Campus Ambassador program is an investment in the future of Texas. Our program is designed to support and empower student organizers, building up the next generation of Texas leaders while fostering lasting organizing infrastructure on college campuses across the state. SVI Campus Ambassadors learn the ins and outs of organizing from the organization that does it best, and they apply those skills to register and engage young Texas voters on their campuses and in their communities. We know the future of Texas is in our students’ hands, so we’re investing in them. 

To support our Campus Ambassadors, we provide in-depth training on community organizing, voter outreach, and civic engagement. Ambassadors will get first-hand experience using industry standard tools, become deputized Voter Registrars, build organizational partnerships and coalitions, and, of course, register new voters!. 


We plan to onboard a new cohort of Campus Ambassadors on campuses with in-person learning starting in the final week of August, however increasing concerns surrounding the Delta Variant of COVID-19 may delay these plans. Check out our COVID-19 page for more information. 


Currently Enrolled Students may email for more information about the Campus Ambassador program. 

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