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who we are.

The Student Voter Initiative is a statewide non-profit 501 (c)(4) high school education and voter registration program working to educate and empower Texas students.

what we do.

what we do.

Instead, we encourage students to identify issues they care about and take action they believe is in the interest of themselves, their communities, and their state.

We never advocate for or against specific candidates or causes.

why we exist. 

In Texas, civic engagement rates lag behind those of other states, and we are consistently ranked among the lowest states in terms of voter registration and voter turnout. Most starkly, fewer than half of all Texans aged 18-24 are registered to vote, and only 32% of Texans ages 18-24 voted in the 2016 general election compared to a national average of 43% turnout for the same age group.  The Annette Strauss Institute lists “Reimagining Civics Education” as their number-one recommendation for improving Texans’ Civic Health, and it is our mission to support and supplement high-quality civics education for every Texas student.

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